If you want a straightforward DVD collection software application then All My Movies is a good choice. This application doesn't beat around the bush with complicated processes or functionality. You can easily import movies with information from IMDb (The Internet Movie Database) and keep track of all of the people you have loaned movies to. With All My Movies, you can organize all your movies in little time and spend more time on the important stuff, like actually watching your movies.

Whether you are using your old VHS collection or starting new with Blu-ray movies, All My Movies can help you build a detailed movie inventory. This application has a good list of media format options. You can keep track of everything from your VHS to Blu-ray discs and digital movies saved on your hard drive.

With All My Movies you can automatically or manually upload movies. Upload movies using their title, barcode or even inserting the physical disc into your computer’s disc drive. When you put in the appropriate information, All My Movies searches IMDb for DVD details such as cast, director and runtime and DVD Empire for cover art and movie stills. This two-step process, though not difficult, is a tad annoying since we didn’t see anything that prompted you to perform each step. It just felt like you were uploading the same movie twice.

Like most DVD collection software, you can add all kinds of additional DVD information including a personal rating, codecs, aspect ratio, photos and more. You can also add the movie’s price, a link to the trailer, and if the movie is on your hard drive, a local path to access your film directly from All My Movies.

All My Movies search filters aren’t that impressive but its simplicity makes it quite easy to use and you can search in multiple ways. You can easily search for movies by genre or use the quick filter to search titles on your wish list, on loan or overdue. You can also search for movies by title, actors, director, year and more. We really like the suggest title feature that randomly chooses a movie for you to watch.

As soon as you launch All My Movies, it will inform you if you have DVD Profiler installed that it can transfer your database from other movie collection software applications. However, you have to contact support to perform this task. Other import features include XML, Excel and TXT. You can export your All My Movies database to PDF, Excel, HTML and TXT.

All My Movies is fairly easy to use but it does have a small learning curve, especially as you learn how to use the automatic upload feature. If this application were to look into making the automatic upload by title feature more intuitive and streamlined, it would easily get a perfect score in this section.

We didn’t have any problems installing All My Movies but remember you need to be connected to the internet to use the automatic upload feature. All My Movies’ help and support is typical. They include a built-in user guide, online FAQs and user forums. You can also contact support through email. We received responses to our emails in about a day. The only thing that kept this application from getting a perfect score in help and support is that we were unable to find information about the scanner feature in the guide or online.

All My Movies Summary:

All My Movies has a lot of potential. If they were to nail down the accuracy of the automatic upload function with a slightly more intuitive process and preview box, this DVD collection software would be top of the line. The application covers all of the basics and is practical way to keep your movie collection organized.


All My Movies 6.4

The application automatically uploads movie information and provides a loan manager to keep track of borrowed movies.

The search filters aren't as comprehensive as other DVD collection software applications.

The Verdict:

Easy to use and covering all of the basics, All My Movies is a good option for those who don't need anything fancy.